Avalanche Forecast Bulletin
(published: Friday, 27.04.2018 at 4:28 pm)
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Daytime danger curve. Terminate backcountry tours early. Last avalanche forecast of the season.
Avalanche Danger
Avalanche danger in Styria is limited to the high altitude zones of the Northern Alps, Niedere Tauern, Gurktal and Seetal Alps. As a result of daytime warming and solar radiation, the risks of wet-snow and gliding-snow avalanches increases swiftly over the course of the morning. Cornices are also unstable and can break naturally at any time.
Snow Layering
The warmest April in Austria since the year 1800 is slowly rounding to a close. The snow in the mountains of Styria has melted rapidly over the last few weeks. Sunny slopes are already bare up to high altitudes, snow can be found only in gullies. Also on shady slopes, the snowpack is becoming ever more moist/wet, a superficial melt-freeze crust evident only in the early morning hours. Soft, slushy snow often dominates the landscape, sink-in depths reach down to the ground. At intermediate altitudes, the remaining snow is mostly rotten.
Alpine Weather Forecast
A southwesterly air current bearing foehn wind is determining current weather conditions in Styria. On Saturday, lots of sunshine is expected, accompanied by brisk southwesterly winds. High altitude cirrus clouds will pass through. In the course of the afternoon, unstable air masses will generate convective cloud build-up. Temperatures at midday will rise to +11 degrees at 2000 m; to +16 degrees at 1500 m.
Short Term Development
On Sunday, brisk southerly foehn winds (reaching storm strength in ridgeline terrain of the Northern Alps) will bring sunny and stable mountain weather. During the afternoon on the southern flank of the Alps, isolated rain showers and thunderstorms are possible. Also on Monday and Tuesday, sunny weather is expected to reign over widespread areas. A cold front will pass through on Monday, bringing a short period of cloud. Temperatures will briefly recede somewhat but still remain above zero up to high altitudes during the night. Thus, the problems of wet-snow and gliding-snow avalanches will remain in the foreground wherever there is ample snow. In accord with the juncture of the season and the current snow situation, the backcountry touring season is slowly winding down. Today, 27 April 2018, the Avalanche Warning Service terminates the daily avalanche forecasts for Styria. In case there is a sudden and severe change in avalanche danger, special bulletins will be published on our website. We wish all our readers a beautiful and happy summer in the mountains, free of accidents.

Alexander Podesser
Translated by Jeffrey McCabe, www.creativtrans.com