Avalanche Forecast Bulletin
for Thursday, 02.03.2017
(published: Wednesday, 01.03.2017 at 4:32 pm)
german version
Snowdrifts at high altitude ? moderate avalanche danger
Avalanche Danger
Avalanche danger above the treeline is moderate in Styria. Avalanche prone locations are found in east and north facing gullies and bowls, where the fresh drifts have been deposited. Special caution is urged in transitions from shallow to deep snow. Sometimes the drifts are 40 cm thick. In general, large additional loading is necessary to trigger an avalanche, but in isolated cases at high altitude, minimum additional loading, i.e. one sole skier, is sufficient.
Snow Layering
The snow which fell on Tuesday night (10-20 cm from region to region) has bonded well with the old snowpack surface up to intermediate altitudes. As a result of the strong, gusty winds, soft layers have formed inside the snowdrifts which can constitute potential weak layers in case of a release. At high altitudes, the new fallen snow was deposited atop a hardened, in some places icy old snowpack surface.
Alpine Weather Forecast
On Thursday there will be some snow showers in the northern barrier regions. The snowfall level will be at 1200 m. South of the Mur-Muerz rift it will remain dry and some sunshine is anticipated. At 2000m: -2 degrees. Winds will be northwesterly, blowing at brisk strength. On Friday, a mixture of sunshine and clouds is expected, foehn influence will arise and it will be mild. Winds will intensify.
Short Term Development
The danger of slab avalanches will diminish. On sunny slopes, wet-snowslides are expected.

The next Avalanche Bulletin will be published tomorrow at about 6:00 pm.
Arnold Studeregger
Translated by Jeffrey McCabe, www.creativtrans.com