Avalanche Forecast Bulletin
for die Folgetage
(published: , 30.04.2017 at 5:03 pm)
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Considerable danger, high-altitude situation difficult to assess
Avalanche Danger
At high altitudes of the Niedere Tauern and Northern Alps, avalanche danger will range from low to considerable. The weak layers inside the old snow cover are difficult to pinpoint. On the one hand, they can trigger from additional loading; on the other, release naturally as a result of intensifying solar radiation and increasing daytime warmth. Such slab avalanches can grow to dnagerously large size. Problem zones are limited to high altitudes, but from place to place are extremely hard to evaluate. Where the snowpack is thoroughly wet, additional small-sized loosely-packed avalnaches can be expected in steep, rocky terrain.
Snow Layering
Alpine Weather Forecast
On Monday, the first of May, pleasant weather conditions will prevail. Residual cloud will be tenacious only in the eastern regions of Styria. As of midday, high-altitude cirrus cloud will move in and become denser during the course of the afternoon, indicating an approaching perturbance. Before this weather change reaches us in the evening, some sunny windows can be expected. Winds will be southerly to southwesterly and brisk. Temperatures at midday at 2000 m will be around +5 degrees.
Short Term Development
On Monday night, temperatures will drop and rainfall will set in from the west (snowfall above 1000m) accompanied by light winds. On Tuesday the snowfall level will ascend to about 2000m and the precipitation will come to an end. During the day it will be predominantly sunny and mild. The new fallen snow will swiftly be released in the form of small-sized loosely-packed avalanches. The wet-snow problem will persist.

The next avalanche bulletin will be published whenever the overall situation changes.
Andreas Gobiet
Translated by Jeffrey McCabe, www.creativtrans.com