Avalanche Bulletin
for Saturday, 15.12.2018
(published: Friday, 14.12.2018 at 4:47 pm)
german version
Glide-snow situation. Fresh snowdrifts on north-facing slopes.
Avalanche Danger
In the Northern Alps, the Niedere Tauern, and in the Gurktal and Seetal Alps, moderate avalanche danger prevails. Elsewhere, danger is low. Caution urged towards the snowdrift accumulations on shady slopes, large additional loading can trigger them as slab avalanches. Freshly formed cornices are generally instable. On steep, grass-covered slopes where there was not an old snowpack before the last round of precipitation, glide cracks have been appearing in some places. These can release glide-snow avalanches at any time without warning. Thus, the risks of glide-snow avalanches persist.
Snow Layering
In the southern mountain groups there has been 10-15 cm of fresh snow registered over the last 24 hours, deposited without wind influence. This fluffy, unbonded snow now covers older snowdrift accumulations which were deposited, in turn, on top of layers riddled with faceted snow crystals. In the regions where snowfall has been heaviest (northern barrier-cloud regions) the snowpack has been able to settle. On north-facing slopes there is fresh snowdrift on top of the old snowpack. At intermediate and low altitudes, the warm ground has propelled the fresh snow into motion, thus, the glide-snow problem remains upright.
Alpine Weather Forecast
In the southern mountain ranges more than anywhere else, snowfall with no impact is anticipated. Large amounts are not expected. On Saturday, the light snowfall will come to an end rapidly in the southern mountain groups. In the northern mountain groups, on the other hand, light snowfall is expected. During the course of the day, repeated intervals of sunshine are expected from the Turrach to the Koralpe. Temperatures at 2000 m will be -8 degrees. Winds will be blowing at moderate to brisk strength from northerly directions.
Short Term Development
Moderate avalanche danger is expected to persist.

The next Avalanche Bulletin will be published on Saturday at about 6:00 pm.
Arnold Studeregger
Translated by Jeffrey McCabe, www.creativtrans.com