Avalanche Bulletin
for Friday, 19.04.2019
(published: Thursday, 18.04.2019 at 4:46 pm)
german version
Favourable morning conditions. Intensifying glide-snow problem during daytime.
Avalanche Danger
Avalanche danger in Styria is subject to a daily cycle of fluctuating dangers. In early morning hours, the avalanche situation is for the most part favourable. Danger is low in the rimline ranges, in the other ranges, danger will rise to moderate. During the course of the day, increasingly frequent naturally triggered loose-snow avalanches can be expected to trigger from steep rough and rocky terrain. Glide-snow avalanches can release at any time of day or night and plummet to low lying areas. In the meantime not only sunny slopes, also north-facing slopes are affected. Open glide-cracks should be seen as signs of imminent danger, avoid all zones around them.
Snow Layering
On sunny slopes the snowpack is isotherm and moist up to high altitudes. On shady slopes (above 2100 m) there are still reserves of cold. During the night, a melt-freeze crust forms which is generally capable of bearing loads, but the snowpack rapidly softens in the morning, loses its firmness. On steep, forested and grass-covered slopes the snowpack tends to glide over the smooth ground in all aspects.
Alpine Weather Forecast
On Good Friday, cloudless skies are expected right from the start of the day. The air will be extremely dry, providing outstanding visibility. Winds will shift to southerly, be blowing at light to moderate strength. At 2000 m: +6 degrees in western regions, +4 degreers in eastern regions.
Short Term Development
Samstag will be sunny, with cloudless skies and light southerly and easterly winds. During the day, the glide-snow problem will require high attentiveness.

The next Avalanche Bulletin will be published on Friday at approximately 6:00 pm.
Lisa Jöbstl
Translated by Jeffrey McCabe, www.creativtrans.com