Avalanche Bulletin
for Thursday, 20.02.2020
(published: Wednesday, 19.02.2020 at 5:31 pm)
german version
Moderate avalanche danger above 1800 m. Be careful of fresh drifts!
Avalanche Danger
Moderate avalanche danger from Dachstein to the Eisenerz Alps above 1800 m, elsewhere danger is low. The major wind-loaded zones are in eastern aspects, here the fresh snowdrifts are likeliest to trigger. Other avalanche prone locations cannot be excluded in other aspects, particularly in the form of laterally wind-loaded gullies and bowls and zones behind protruberances.
Snow Layering
Following extremely mild weather last weekend, temperatures dropped noticeably on Tuesday. Atop to snowpack, which is moist up to high altitudes, a melt-freeze crust formed which cannot always bear loads. Summits, crests and plateaus at high altitude are ice-encrusted. Atop these hardened layers, about 10 cm of fresh snow, anticipated on Thursday morning, will bond very poorly to the surface, particularly on east-facing slopes and the wind-driven drifts. The settling of the fresh snow will be delayed due to the slowly rising temperatures combined with cold winds.
Alpine Weather Forecast
After the cold front has passed through the northern regions, clouds will disperse Wednesday night. While in the southern regions it will be nearly cloudless all day long on Thursday, along the Upper Styrian mountain ranges repeated groups of intermediate-altitude cloudbanks will pass through, then ease off during the daytime. Temperatures at 2000 m will still be -9 degrees in early morning, rising to -6 degrees by midday and -1 degree by evening; at 1500 m -5 / -2 / +1 degree respectively.
Short Term Development
On Friday a cold front accompanied by snow showers will pass through Upper Styria. Clouds will swiftly disperse in its wake and provide some hours of sunshine. In the mountains, stormy NW winds will prevail in some places. At 2000 m: -8 degrees. Similar to on Thursday, some fresh snowdrift accumulations will be generated, but no significant changes in avalanche danger are expected.

The next Avalanche Bulletin will be published on Thursday at about 6:00 pm.
Alexander Podesser
Translated by Jeffrey McCabe, www.creativtrans.com